Official Plan Documents

SDG Official Plan

The SDG Official Plan serves the County and six local municipalities. The Official Plan is partially under appeal. You can learn more about the status of the appeal here.

In Effect Official Plan

2018 SDG Official Plan (text only)

This version of the Official Plan includes Provincial modifications and indicates where a policy is under appeal (and therefore not in effect). Where a policy is under appeal the polices of the 2006 Official Plan prevail.

In Effect Schedules

North Dundas

Rural Schedule A1

Winchester A1a

Chesterville A1b

North Glengarry

Rural Schedule A5

Alexandria A5a

Maxville A5b

North Stormont

Rural Schedule A3

Finch A3a

Crysler A3b

Moose Creek A3c

South Dundas

Rural Schedule A2

Williamsburg A2a

Iroquois A2b

Morrisburg A2c

South Glengarry

Rural Schedule A6

Glen Walter A6a

Green Valley A6b

Lancaster/South Lancaster A6c

South Stormont

Rural Schedule A4

Long Sault A4a

St. Andrew's West A4b

Ingleside A4c

Newington A4d

Rosedale Terrace/Eamers Corners A4e

Special Land Use Areas

SLA1a - Winchester Employment Area

SLA2a - South Dundas

SLA4a - South Stormont

SLA4b - South Stormont (Long Sault Employment Area) Under Appeal

SLA4c - South Stormont

SLA4d - South Stormont

SLA4e - South Stormont (Moulinette Island)

SLA6a - South Glengarry (Bainsville Bay)

Constraint Schedules

Schedule B1 - North Dundas

Schedule B2 - South Dundas

Schedule B3 - North Stormont

Schedule B4 - South Stormont

Schedule B5 - North Glengarry

Schedule B6 - South Glengarry