vegetables at farmers market

Food & Beverage

Building on Strength

Over 1,500 leading food and beverage processors are located in Ontario. Together, they account for more than 40% of Canada's food and beverage manufacturing industry, earning US$20-billion a year in revenues.

SDG's existing cluster of food processing companies includes:

Such companies have established an infrastructure so that others don't have to. Over 85% of food and beverage products are exported, US$5-billion to the United States – a figure that's tripled in the last ten years.


The SDG Advantage

SDG has a skilled labour force and expertise in packaging, warehousing, and transportation. Suppliers have streamlined their operations for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, SDG is located near key regulatory bodies and research institutions.

SDG is one of the best places in the world for companies that want to ensure they grow, minimize expenses, and profit.

  • Food processing accounts for more than 1,400 jobs in SDG
  • Total value added and total value added per employee in the food processing sector has shown consistent growth (3% and 2% respective averages from 1975 to 1998)