North Stormont


Individuals and families have an opportunity to grow in a setting that encourages the priorities that have resulted in this friendly and caring community. High quality education is available in both French and English, as it is a perfect example of communities where English- speaking and French-speaking citizens live in happy harmony. There are many picturesque towns offering residents services and programs throughout the year in effect, promoting a healthy lifestyle and an active social community.


Alongside a thriving dairy industry, North Stormont has an industrial and commercial base from which to start, expand or relocate a business.

North Stormont offers a sophisticated distribution and communications infrastructure, a low cost environment, and proximity to Ottawa, one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. North Stormont is connected to Ottawa and Montréal by Highway 417 and to Cornwall by Highway 138. From Cornwall business can connect to Highway 401 and over half of the North American marketplace.


The small communities of North Stormont are alive with festivals and community spirit. Churches, service clubs and recreational facilities abound. The recreation park is normally full of sounds like; the crack of a bat in from the bleachers, the sounds of children playing in the outdoor pool or the sounds of children young and old enjoying the beautiful covered outdoor skating rink. This is a place where you lose track of time and before you know it the outdoor lights turn on and illuminate the park so the fun can continue for hours.


The township offers an excellent standard of living within easy driving distance of Cornwall, Ottawa and Montréal. The seasonal cycle takes all its beauty in North Stormont and makes it a perfect place to relax at any time. Enjoy our hiking trails, the South Nation River for fishing and other water activities, our parks, our horseback riding trails and more. The relaxing, tranquil charm is a sharp contrast to the fast paced environment of its Northern neighbour, the Nation’s Capital.

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