Alexandria Main Street - Environmental Assessment

County Road 34 (Main Street) and Mill Square Improvements – Public Information

The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry is conducting a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study for improvements to County Road 34 in Alexandria. To provide feedback on this study please send an email with your comments to 

The study area includes County Road 34 (Main Street) from County Road 10 (Lochiel Street) northerly to Elgin Street, and Mill Square in downtown Alexandria. The study has developed and evaluated alternatives for the roadway cross section, intersections, active transportation features, and drainage, and has determined the property requirements to implement the project.

This study is being completed as a Schedule A+ Municipal Class EA, based on the range of anticipated effects. The recommendations of a Schedule A+ Study are pre-approved for construction and additional studies for a truck bypass have been identified to be completed by the United Counties of SDG at a later date.

Public Consultation to Date

An origin-destination survey, pedestrian and parking utilization survey, value planning workshop and community café have been completed as part of the study to provide input to the design process.

Preliminary Study Recommendations

The Recommended Plan includes the following improvements:

  1. Narrow road cross section with 3.2 m lanes, 2.0 m sidewalk, parking pockets, and decorative lighting where space is available
  2. Interim and ultimate truck bypass routes
  3. Add pedestrian push button at Kenyon Street West/County Road 43
  4. No Right on Red at County Road 34 and County Road 43
  5. New one-way road with parking from Main Street to Ottawa Street
  6. New walkway from Main Street to parking lot off Centre Street
  7. Mill Square improvements including a narrow roadway and space for a parkette/ farmers market
  8. Improve parking lot directional signage
  9. Designated No Truck Route (requires permanent upgrade to existing truck bypass)
  10. Bury utility poles on Main Street from Kenyon Street West/County Road 43 to Gernish Street East
  11. New pedestrian crossing at Gernish Street East
  12. New parking lot at Gernish Street East/Main Street (property acquisition is required)
  13. Potential new sidewalk along Gernish Street and Derby Street East to link to Mill Pond/Alexandria Island Park

Online Public Information Centre

Public Information Centre exhibits including the Recommended Plan and Landscape Drawings are available for public review and comment. Please download and review the documents posted below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the improvements be implemented/ constructed?

The Environmental Assessment is the initial stage of planning for the future project(s).  This will allow the United Counties of SDG and Township of North Glengarry to define future capital projects. Construction will typically follow in the five-year capital program subject to the availability of funding.

When will the truck bypass be constructed?

The planning for an expanded bypass will be the subject of a future EA study to determine a northern alignment of the route. Until that time, the existing northern signed truck route will continue to be utilized. An Environmental Assessment Study must be completed to determine the impacts of the future improved/new truck bypass.

When will the utilities be buried?

The subsequent detail design stage of the project will consider burying the existing overhead utility services.

Will all trucks be removed from the downtown?

When the bypass has been upgraded, trucks will be prohibited on Main Street except for those involving pick-up and delivery in the downtown.