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Within 30 days of the disposition/decision of the Court, a defendant or prosecutor is entitled to appeal an acquittal, conviction or sentence by filing a notice of Appeal (POA 0201) with the Ontario Court of Justice office.

PART I (Offence Notice)

PART III (Summons - First Appearance Date)

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A defendant who was convicted without a hearing may, within 15 days of becoming aware of the conviction, apply to a Justice of the Peace to strike out the conviction.

* Please be advised that the Affidavit in support of your Reopening must be sworn to before a Commissioner of Oaths.

Extensions (Payment Plan)

If you are unable to pay your fine(s) in full in the time given there is an opportunity for you to apply for an extension with a payment agreement.  An extension allows you to make monthly payments towards your fine(s) and avoid any additional collection enforcement.

General Forms

Accessible Forms

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