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Court Services

Do you have Zoom court? Here are options for logging in: 

Zoom Coordinates:  https://zoom.us/join 
OR call in by telephone:  1-438-809-7799
MEETING ID:  940 595 8000
In-person appearances are available on a limited basis.  Please contact the court office if you require an in-person appearance.  courtservices@sdgcounties.ca or call 613-933-4301.

If you have a matter scheduled in-person, including a summons to appear in court, you may appear remotely.  This Court will continue to hear matters remotely with in-person appearances being provided on a limited basis.

If you have moved since your last appearance, please email courtservices@sdgcounties.ca or call 613-933-4301 to provide your email, phone number and current address, so that you do not miss important information regarding your matter.

If you received a summons to attend court and you are happy to participate remotely for your first appearance, please follow the zoom coordinates in bold, underlined above on the time and date that the summons outlines.  “

Court Information