Severance Applications

Severance Fees

SDG planning review fees are set out in the County's Tariff of Fees By-law and include an initial application fee of $1,555 as well as an additional fee of $255 to stamp deeds and issue final consent.

If your property has frontage on a County Road there is a $245 fee for the County Engineer's review and comments on your application. This fee is required at the time you submit your application.

The County collects the review fee for the Local Municipalities and Conservation Authorities; their review is required under the Planning Act. The Municipalities’ fees are set out in by their Tariff of Fees By-Laws. The Conservation Authorities' fees are set out by their Board of Directors.

The fees must be paid when the application is submitted. The fees are collected up-front to ensure that your application is reviewed in a timely fashion, and to avoid unnecessary delays. The amount of the fee depends on which Municipality and Conservation area you are in.

A table outlining all Consent Fees can be found below in the Supporting Documents tab. Please confirm the Municipality fee and Conservation Authority fee with the County land division coordinator.

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