Wildlife on county roads.

Wildlife collision prevention

car driving on a country road
Safe driving behaviours that will prevent wildlife collisions

SDG Counties recognizes that our roads cross wildlife ecosystems and as such we work diligently to ensure that we plan, design and build infrastructrure with the safety of users, as well as the environment in mind.

Every year in Ontario there are about 12,000 deer and wildlife collisions, leading to approximately 400 human injuries annually.

In fact, SDG Counties has completed a detailed traffic study in our region that points to a variety of factors that contribute to collisions. A 7.3-km section of SDG43, near Alexandria, had the most accidents, with 47 taking place from 2021 to 2023. None involved fatalities. But if we look at that section in particular, our data shows that 81 per cent of accidents involved wildlife. The vast majority of accidents were at night, with clear conditions and dry roads.