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26 Pitt Street
Cornwall, ON
K6J 3P2

T: 613.932.1515
F: 613.936.2913

T: 613.932.1515 x205

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SDG Staff Contact Information

Please use the following directory to connect to SDG County staff by calling (613) 932-1515 and entering the extension you are trying to reach:

Administrative Assistant - Library

Name: Rachel Vivarais
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1221

Administrative Assistant - Planning

Name: Shayne Wheeler
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1218

Administrative Assistant - Transportation

Name: Katie Coristine
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1208

Chief Administrative Officer

Name: T.J. Simpson
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1202

Communications & Marketing Librarian

Name: Susan Wallwork
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1226

Communications Coordinator

Name: Todd Lihou
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1205

Community Planner

Name: Stephanie Morin
Phone Number(s): 613-932-1515 ext. 1245

Director of Corporate Services/Clerk

Name: Kimberley Casselman
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1203

Director of Financial Services/Treasurer

Name: Rebecca Russell
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1252

Director of Library Services

Name: Karen Franklin
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1211

Director of Planning Services

Name: Peter Young
Phone Number(s): 613-932-1515, ext. 1266

Director of Transportation

Name: Benjamin de Haan
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1208

Manager of Court Services

Name: Monique Lefebvre
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1253

Manager of Economic Development

Name: Tara Kirkpatrick
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1227

Manager of Financial Services/Deputy Treasurer

Name: Elizabeth McCormick
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1206

Payroll & Benefits Administrator

Name: Carolyn MacCulloch
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1235

Planning Technician

Name: Megan Benoit
Phone Number(s): 613-932-1515 ext. 1246

Tourism Coordinator

Name: Karina Belanger
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1331

Training and Emergency Management Coordinator

Name: Katherine Beehler
Phone Number(s): (613)932-1515 ext. 1257

United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

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