Rural mailboxes


Winter mailbox preparations

The proper maintenance and placement of rural mailboxes ensures continued safe delivery of mail and package delivery by Canada Post and other agencies.

Winter brings with it a specific set of challenges with respect to ensuring County roads are free of snow and ice for safe use by the motoring public, while also keeping rural mailboxes protected from the elements and snow-clearing operations.

Mailboxes which are inadequately constructed, weathered, or improperly affixed to a post may be damaged by snow thrown from a plow. Residents are responsible for the repair and replacement of mailboxes unless they are directly hit by a snow plow blade.

For more information on the placement, maintenance and rules concerning rural mailboxes, please consult the attached PDF from Canada Post. Also attached is the County policy concerning mailbox replacement.

Damaged Mailbox?

Mailboxes can be damaged by a snowplow in two ways:

  1. From snow coming off the plow.  The mailbox will not be replaced by the County.
  2. From being physically struck by plow.  The County will replace your mailbox.

SDG Mailbox Policy (PDF)

What to do if your mailbox is damaged

  • Check to see if the mailbox was struck by the snowplow (look at the edge of the snow bank relative to where the mailbox was located);
  • If the snow coming off the plow caused the damage to the mailbox; the owner will have to repair it;
  • If the snowplow wing hit the mailbox, take some pictures of the snow bank and mailbox and contact Transportation and Planning Services.  A staff member will come and visit at our first available opportunity (during business hours).