patio on the sidewalk

Street-side Patios

The United Counties of SDG has a process that allows business owners with property adjacent to County roads the ability to erect street-side patios to complement commerce that would typically take place within a bricks and mortar setting.

With physical-distancing protocols now a mainstay throughout Ontario, many business owners, including restaurateurs, may be considering novel ways to augment their bottom line. By adding temporary street-side patios a business like a restaurant can increase its ability to seat a maximum number of customers while also respecting provincial orders.

The County's street-side patio allowances are governed by Bylaw 5152. Business owners wishing to create a Street-Side patio must complete a pre-consultation with both the local municipality where the business is located, as well as the County. An acceptable sketch of the street-side patio must be submitted as well. 

Other materials to be included in the application are a detailed site plan which includes all requirements from Bylaw 5152, a description of the materials to be used in construction and operation of the patio, as well as a signed letter from the property owner (if applicable) permitting the construction of a street-side patio.

For a complete accounting of Bylaw 5152, as well as an application, please download the document below.