Closed Meetings

The Municipal Act requires that County Council conduct its business in an open forum.  However, legislation also permits Council to close a meeting or a portion of a meeting to the public under certain circumstances, chiefly in instances related to legal matters, personnel, or property, as discussing these items in public may be detrimental to individuals or the municipal corporation.  Prior to closing a meeting or a portion of a meeting to the public, the Council must give notice of the same and provide a general description of the matter it will be discussing in the closed session.

Requesting an Investigation of a Closed Meeting

Individuals who believe that the Council improperly called or held a closed meeting may request that the matter be reviewed by an investigator.  The County has contracted with Local Services Authority (LAS) to provide external, impartial investigative services.  Individuals who are concerned about a closed meeting should first contact the Director of Corporate Services/Clerk to discuss the issue.  If, after reviewing the matter, the individual wishes to pursue an investigation,  written  request for an investigation must be filed with the Director of Corporate Services/Clerk, at the address below, together with a cheque in the amount  of $125 payable to the  United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

Written request for investigation and cheque to be forwarded to:

Director of Corporate Services/Clerk 
United Counties of SD&G
26 Pitt Street,
Cornwall, ON K6J 3P2