Official Plan Appeal

SDG Official Plan

Modifications and Appeal

The SDG Official Plan was approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs on February 4, 2018. Click here for a copy of the decision.

Many residents were concerned about the changes made through modifications. This resource page is available for anyone interested in staying informed about the Official Plan appeal.

The Ministry's decision included a number of policy modifications and land designation (schedules) changes. This online map shows the rural and agricultural areas that were modified (you can search using civic numbers). You can also read this FAQ sheet for more information on the schedule changes.


The County, local municipalities, and 25 local residents filed appeals against some of the Ministry modifications (complete list here) . The County's appeal can be viewed here. This type of appeal is heard by the Ontario Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT).

Upcoming: Pre-Hearing Conference, December 17, 2018

The Tribunal has scheduled the first of two pre-hearing conferences (click here for the Notice including date and location). Pre-hearing conferences are used to organize parties, information, issues, in order to simplify the main hearing. The pre-hearing conferences also identify issues that may be mediated. Parties and participants can make motions and receive direction from the Tribunal member. The Tribunal generally does not hear evidence or submissions at a pre-hearing conference.

If you wish to be actively involved in the hearing, or if you filed an appeal, you must attend the pre-hearing conference. If you cannot attend, you must send an authorized representative who has written confirmation of authorization.

There are two options available for status at the hearing:

Party: Those who submitted appeals will receive party status at the pre-hearing. Parties are fully involved in the proceedings before the Tribunal, including filing submissions and presenting submissions at the hearing. They may also request costs, adjournments, or a review of the decision. Please see the LPAT Guide for more information.

Participants: Participants have a more limited role in the appeal. They only provide submissions. They may also be asked questions on the content of their submissions. If you would like to request participant status, you must attend the first day of the hearing or pre-hearing conference and advise the Member that you would like to be added as a participant when the Member asks.

If you have any questions regarding the Official Plan modifications or appeal please contact Stephanie Morin, County Planning Technician (