Official Plan Review and Update

SDG Official Plan Review

The SDG Official Plan was approved on February 4, 2018.

The Official Plan was approved with modifications by the Minister of Municipal Affairs on February 4, 2018. You can view the Decision here.

Please take a look at our webmap or Frequently Asked Questions page to locate your property and learn more about how the decision may have affected you. Our appeal information page can be found here.

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The proposed Official Plan as adopted by County Council can be found below. The Ministry provided modifications to the text and six of the schedules. The text modifications can be found here. The schedule modifications are found here.

County Official Plan (consolidated, in-effect)

The Proposed New County Schedules

Pre-Hearing Maps


Public Engagement

The County identified and highlighted six main areas of interest during the Open Houses. We have prepared story boards on these changes that can be found here.

The presentation for the Open Houses can be found here.

SDG held a Public Meeting as per Section 17 and Section 21(1) of the Planning Act on Monday June 19. The notice can be found here.

Official Plans and the Planning Act

The County Official Plan sets out the vision for how SDG will grow to the year 2036. The Planning Act requires regular "check-ups" to ensure that the Official Plan is working to fulfill its vision. As part of this process we reviewed our designated areas of employment, natural features like woodlands and wetlands, and our agricultural resource lands. We have also made general updates around local food, active transportation, safe drinking water, and other legislative updates.

The Citizen's Guides prepared by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs provide general information on Official Plans, the Planning Act, and Municipal Plan Review:

Citizen's Guide to the Planning Act

Citizen's Guide to Official Plans

Citizen's Guide to Plan Review

Economic Health and Employment Lands

The Planning Act requires the Official Plan Review to consider the employment land designations within the Counties. Staff performed a review of vacant employment lands, building permit records, and recent economic trends. Hemson Consulting was retained to provide a Population and Growth update and Employment Lands Review. This report updates and expands on the 2013 Hemson Population and Growth Projections report (found here) which supported adjustments to 71 settlement area boundaries (found here). The Employment Lands Report is summarized in a presentation made to County Council on January 25th, 2016.

Report 1: Updated Growth Forecasts 

Report 2: Employment Needs Analysis

Presentation to Council: Updates to SDG Official Plan Section 2 & Employment Land Needs Analysis

Agricultural Lands Review

Agricultural Lands in the County are a protected through designation in the Official Plan. These lands are protected for their important economic, cultural, and environmental value. Lands are evaluated to determine if they are classified as agricultural. The factors include soil type and quality, suitability for specialty crops, sufficient area for on-going farming, presence of on-going farming, and absence of incompatible land uses.

Clarke Consulting reviewed the designated agricultural lands and recommended areas that should be changed to rural designation. The presentation to Council on January 25th, 2016 can be found below.

Report including maps: Agricultural Resource Lands Review

Presentation to Council: Agricultural Resource Lands Review

Local Presentations: Dundas Federation of Agriculture (June 1 2016) ; Stormont Federation of Agriculture (June 15 2016) ; Glengarry Federation of Agriculture (February 2017)

Natural Heritage

SDG recently updated the County forest cover mapping as part of a partnership with United Counties of Prescott-Russell; United Counties of Leeds and Grenville; City of Ottawa; Raisin Region Conservation Authority; Ontario Woodlot Association; and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry; using 2014 aerial imagery. This forest cover mapping was used to create a significant woodlands map using criteria established by the Natural Heritage Reference Manual. This mapping is used to screen development applications to ensure that woodlands are protected.

The woodlands mapping is combined with other natural features such as wetlands, Areas of Natural Scientific Interest, waterbodies, and floodplains to create the County's Natural Heritage System. This system is identified within the Schedules of the proposed Official Plan and is protected through the Natural Heritage policies of our Plan.

If you do not find the document that you are looking for please contact the Planning Department.

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