Business in SDG

Welcome to SDG

The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry offer businesses easy access to the most lucrative markets in the world, established distribution channels, efficient suppliers, investment ready real estate, and one of the lowest cost locations in North America.

SDG is part of the Quebec City-Windsor mega-region that is home to more than 20 million people and over half a trillion dollars in annual economic output. SDG also abuts an even larger mega-region: from Montreal through Boston, New York, and Washington there are more than 50 million people generating more than $2 trillion in economic activity. SDG sits on a major distribution hub including Highways 401, 416 and 417, the CNR main line, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and international border crossings.

The SD&G Advantage

SD&G is one of the lowest cost business environments in Ontario, with a labour force skilled in food and beverage manufacturing, distribution and warehousing, technology manufacturing, and agriculture.

From Here to Anywhere

The region is at the centre of a major distribution hub, close to Montreal and Ottawa, with access to highways 401, 416 and 417, the CPR and CNR main lines, the St. Lawrence Seaway and international airports. Regional and international carriers provide easy access to North America and the world.

Labour Ready

SD&G’s labour force is well-educated, specialized and productive. Residents are experienced in food and beverage, textile, plastic and other manufacturing.

SD&G offers the full range of professional services including lawyers, accountants, bankers, human resources professionals, marketers and technicians.

Proximity to the National Capital Region gives companies in SD&G access to a wide range of industry insiders and key decision makers.

Pro Growth

Municipal government in SD&G is pro-growth. Corporations in Ontario are generally taxed at a rate of 36.12%, while Ontario's manufacturing and resource industries are generally subject to a lower rate of 34.12%.