SDG Counties looking to match with medical professionals

The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SDG Counties) will pay five qualifying medical professionals $5,000 each to sign employment contracts within the SDG Counties region.

SDG COUNTIES, Ontario - Finding a love match is hard and SDG Counties is hoping you can spread the word that as of today, Date My County is back! In the 2024 iteration of this popular resident attraction contest, SDG Counties is hoping to “mend it’s broken heart” by “swiping right” with eligible physicians, physician assistants, nurses and nurse practitioners willing to work within SDG Counties.


The Great River Docs campaign aims to showcase the wealth of healthcare positions that are available in our region and to help some of our medical institutions match with potential candidates.

As an incentive to help attract physicians, physician assistants, nurses and nurse practitioners to the region, SDG Counties is offering five, $5,000 cash incentives to eligible applicants who sign employment contracts within our region. The funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants. Half of the funds will be distributed to the eligible applicants upon signing of a contract within SDG Counties. The remaining funds will be dispersed after six months of employment. All applicants are required to fill out the application form, which is available at

“This program illustrates SDG Counties’ commitment to community wellbeing,” said SDG Counties Warden Jamie MacDonald. “These grants signal our dedication to fostering a robust healthcare landscape in SDG Counties, ensuring residents receive the quality care they deserve. Together, we are building a healthier, vibrant future for families and newcomers who reside in eastern Ontario.”

The application process includes proof of employment in SDG Counties starting Jan. 24, 2024. Candidates currently working within SDG Counties, Akwesasne or the City of Cornwall are ineligible to apply.

“We launched this contest in an effort to attract more healthcare workers to our region. Regional health statistics show that we currently have more than 15,000 residents in our area who don’t currently have a primary care provider. This contest is part of an effort to address that shortage of healthcare providers,” said SDG Counties Manager of Economic Development, Tara Kirkpatrick.

SDG Counties is located within the territory of the Great River Ontario Health Team (GR-OHT) and is part of a collective of health and social services providers who plan and work together, as one coordinated team, to provide integrated services and supports to meet the health needs of people who seek care in the City of Cornwall, SDG Counties, Akwesasne and parts of rural Southeast Ottawa and Russell Township.

This regional approach to health services ensures a unified approach that brings together sector partners to plan, coordinate and improve service provision for the future.

In this spirit of collaboration, SDG Counties has invited the Township of Russell to participate in the Great River Docs campaign. In addition to the five, $5,000 recruitment grants being offered by SDG Counties, the Township of Russell is offering an additional $5,000 grant to a doctor who commits to working in that municipality.

"I am thrilled that Russell Township is partnering with SDG Counties in the Great River Docs program, an initiative reflecting our dedication to enhancing healthcare access in our community. By offering a $5,000 grant to a doctor who commits to serving in Russell, we are not only investing in the health of our residents but also in the prosperity of our local healthcare system. This program symbolizes our ongoing efforts to make Russell Township a welcoming and supportive place for medical professionals and patients alike," said Township of Russell Mayor Pierre Leroux.