Provincial Offences Court


How do I request Disclosure?

You have a right to obtain the officer's notes and any other relevant evidence involving the charge against you, also known as disclosure, to help you prepare for your trial. Once you have received your trial notice, you can request disclosure by:

             •    Obtain a disclosure request form 
             •    Complete the form in full (missing information may delay your receiving disclosure)
             •    Submit the request to the proper Prosecutor – see below

Disclosure Request Form  

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, disclosure is usually provided at the early resolution meeting with the prosecutor.  However, you can mail, email or deliver your disclosure request form to the corresponding Prosecution office. The Prosecutors Office will notify you once the disclosure is ready for pick up.   AT THIS TIME WE DO NOT EMAIL DISCLOSURE. Please provide a fax number or phone number for pick up .  

    Municipal Prosecutor
    c/o 26 Pitt Street, Suite 308
    Cornwall, Ontario K6J 3P2 – fax 613 933-4161

TICKETS ISSUED BY an M.T.O. officer please contact
    Natasha Pilon, Court officer 613 347-1707 ext 230
    Fax: 613 347-7218

Any other tickets and or charges, contact Court Services for direction on where to request disclosure

Speed Measuring Devices

If you have been charged with speeding by an Ontario Provincial Police officer and the officer used a radar or laser device to obtain the speed reading, you can obtain a copy of the relevant operating and testing sections of the manual for the device used by clicking on the link to the manual. The officer’s notes will indicate what device the officer used.

DragonEye - Speed Lidar

Decatur Electronics Genesis - II Select

Decatur Electronics Genesis - VP Directional

Laser Ally - Speed LIDAR

Laser Atlanta - Speed Laser