Formulaire de Commande de Transcription des Débats Judiciares - Loi sur Les Infractions Provinciales (LIP)


Please completed and submit this form.

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Section 1: Case Information

Section 2: Type of Proceeding

Please select a proceeding that applies to your matter:

Section 3: Content to be Transcribed

Select complete proceeding or appropriate number of other items for portions
Note: Most pre-trial motions and submissions are not transcribed unless specifically requested. However, some rules require that pre-trial motions and/or submissions be included for transcripts for appeals. If required, check the box below.
(If for appeal, attach judicial approval)
Note: When describing content to be transcribed, be precise and provide a clear frame of reference including timeframe if applicable (timeframe example: “Commencement of court to morning recess”).

Section 4: Order Details

Note: If the transcript is for an appeal, three certified copies of the transcript will be required at the cost of the Ordering Party.

If a transcript will be referenced in court, it is the responsibility of the ordering party who is referencing the transcript to provide a certified copy of the transcript to the presiding judicial official at no cost to the court.

If this order requires the production of a first certified copy of a transcript the first certified copy fee will apply.

If an electronic copy is ordered at the time of a certified copy of a transcript, there is no charge for the electronic copy. The Electronic Copy tick box can be deselected if an Electronic Copy is not required.

If an electronic copy is ordered at any other time there is a fee.

If an enhanced service is selected, the relevant fee will apply.
Enhanced Service:

Section 5: Ordering Party Information


Section 6: Undertaking for Access to Audio Court Recording

As a Vendor, I will be representing each and every court transcriptionist in my employ. I certify that the transcriptionist has signed an undertaking to the court for authorized access to digital court recordings and that the undertaking remains valid. I acknowledge and understand that the undertaking therefore applies to this request.
Je déclare solennellement que toutes les déclarations contenues dans cette demande et toutes les pièces justificatives sont véridiques.

Section 7: Select a Vendor

All parties interested in ordering a court transcript must select and contact one Vendor from the Roster of Vendors of Transcription Services and arrange for all aspects of the transcript order, including timeframe required, payment method and delivery options. The Roster of Vendors of Transcription Services is administered and maintained by York Region Provincial Offences Court Services