SDG Counties hosts well-attended municipal summit

Local leaders attend the SDG Counties Municipal Summit.
From left are SDG Counties Transportation Manager Derek McMillan, South Glengarry Infrastructure Manager Sarah McDonald, North Dundas Director of Transportation/Drainage Superintendent Jamie Cheney, SDG Counties Warden Jamie MacDonald, North Glengarry Fire Chief Matthew Roy, South Dundas Director of Parks, Recreation and Facilities David Jansen, South Dundas Recreation Coordinator Melissa Friolet, and South Stormont Director of Public Works Mohammed Alsharqawi.


AVONMORE, Ontario – Regional leaders and municipal staff met June 14 at North Stormont Place in Avonmore to share best practices and learn about successes taking place among SDG Counties’ local municipalities and partners.

The 2024 SDG Counties Municipal Summit brought together representatives from all local municipalities in the region, as well as MP Eric Duncan, MPP Nolan Quinn, the County of Frontenac, GFL Environmental, the Eastern Ontario Regional Network and the Cornwall/SDG Counties Paramedic Service, for a day-long session on a variety of topics.

“Today, we hosted a unique opportunity for staff and elected officials to come together, share our experiences, and learn from each other,” said Warden Jamie MacDonald. “This summit helped us to foster innovative practices, enhance our networking capabilities, and strengthen our collaborative efforts across our entire region.”

Topics discussed included:

  • SDG Counties' road rationalization practices. This topic focused on a study that is currently being conducted by SDG Counties to review certain roads within our region to determine whether a classification as an SDG road, or township road, is appropriate.
  • An update of the work being done by the Regional Waste Management Working Group. The group consists of members from each of the six local municipalities who identify, investigate and participate in collaborative approaches to address waste management initiatives.
  • The Cornwall/SDG Paramedic Service discussed changes to the dispatch system employed in our region and how new efficiencies will augment patient care and the deployment of resources.
  • The Eastern Ontario Regional Network provided an update on the status of EORN’s Cell Gap project in eastern Ontario, as well as an overview of the projects the organization has in flight.
  • The County of Frontenac shared insights on the benefits of communal water and wastewater services as a key infrastructure tool in supporting the growth of its rural communities and developing a governance structure to manage this infrastructure.
  • The Township of South Stormont provided a thorough explanation of the use of AI in its public works department.
  • South Glengarry’s road rationalization practices, and some insights into the future replacement of township-owned infrastructure, were shared with the group.
  • GFL Environmental shared an update on its Moose Creek property, as well as future initiatives being planned.
  • South Dundas provided insights into new rural recreation opportunities being developed that will augment public enjoyment of its facilities and services.
  • The Township of North Dundas shared best practices that have been developed in an effort to improve staff morale and build an inclusive employment framework, while also securing collaboration with SDG Counties’ human resources.
  • The Township of North Glengarry updated the group on changes at its training facility. With the recent changes to fire training certifications, the North Glengarry Fire Department has opened up its training facility for rent to outside municipalities, to assist in their training requirements.

SDG Counties has plans to make the summit a regular event in the future, gathering experts and local staff to discuss topics of mutual interest.