Local artist inspired by natural beauty of SDG Counties forests

Pierre Giroux's paintings

SDG COUNTIES, Ontario - When Pierre Giroux was seeking new inspiration, he didn’t have to search very far.

The Cornwall-based artist, whose work has been enjoyed around the world, has spent years painting interiors – some of the most beautiful depictions of interiors from Europe one will find hanging in galleries and homes from Vancouver to Italy.

But during COVID lockdowns he found himself seeking a new muse.

“I felt a little disconnected after a while,” said Giroux. “I was painting scenes from Europe, and I felt I had to connect with my subject matter more.

Enter the SDG County Forest, and a host of natural settings in our region that has helped reinvigorate the artist behind successful projects including the SDG Historic Tour, as well as the Cornwall Historic Walking Tour. Both of those projects include dozens of plaques that feature Giroux’s paintings and local stories of historical import.

“I’ve really been inspired by the landscapes in the SDG County Forest,” said Giroux.

The new inspirations has resulted in a series of new paintings, based on photographs of places like the SDG County Forest, Cooper Marsh, the Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary, as well as Cornwall’s Guindon Park and canal system.

He also enjoys photographing and walking Yellow Island, located within the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne territory.

“You gain such an appreciation for local beauty when you’re walking through local forests and seeing how nature dominates the landscape,” said Giroux. “I’m having fun painting again.”

Giroux’s work is currently on display at ArtPlus Galerie in Ottawa.

There are more than 9,000 acres of SDG Counties-owned forests and wetlands in our region. Our County Forests (PDF) are open to public use and enjoyment. Many properties host trails, hunting, trapping, and other recreational uses. You can also find other public forest properties on the South Nation public portal.

The SDG County Forest is managed in partnership with agencies such as South Nation Conservation, local ATV and snowmobile clubs, and organizations like the Friends of the Summerstown Trails. Our management plan includes sustainable timber harvests to improve forest health, encourage wildlife habitat, and generate revenue for forest management opportunities. Our forests are managed according to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

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