Celebrating 45 years of caring at Dundas Manor

Dundas Manor

THE COUNTIES, Ontario - Couples celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary have been married for 16,425 days and the traditional gift is a sapphire. 

Dundas Manor is celebrating too – 16,425 days of caring for the community.  Residents can join our 45th anniversary celebration and help support the campaign to build the new Dundas Manor at the same time.

Sapphires & Snowflakes will be a special evening of delicious cocktails and charcuterie, a live auction, a unique Fund-A-Need fundraiser and great entertainment by comedy/musical duo Bowser & Blue - all in support of the new Dundas Manor. 

The event will be held on Saturday, Nov. 18 at Matilda Hall in Dixon’s Corners. Tickets are $78 as Dundas Manor opened in 1978. 

“Everyone is going to have a great time at Sapphires & Snowflakes and we will be supporting the new Dundas Manor at the same time,” said Cindy Ault Peters, Campaign Assistant. “Get ready for some fun and a few surprises.”

The estimated cost of the new Dundas Manor is $63 million. The provincial government is providing approximately $45 million. The Expanding the Circle of Compassionate Care campaign goal is $18 million.

To purchase tickets, please visit https://Sapphires-Snowflakes-for-Dundas-Manor.eventbrite.ca or stop by the Foundation office in the hospital lobby.

For more information about the Expanding the Circle of Compassionate Care campaign, please visit www.dundasmanordream.ca or contact the WDMH Foundation team at 613-774-2422 ext. 6162 or 6169.