Construction work begins on Morrisburg roundabout

The Long Sault rouandabout.

THE COUNTIES, Ontario - The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry has partnered with the Municipality of South Dundas and senior levels of government to undertake its largest construction project of 2021.

Work has begun on the Morrisburg roundabout, a $5-million project that is partially funded by the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, as well as the Counties and South Dundas.

The work will consist of the removal of the lighted intersection at County Roads 31 and 2 and the creation of a roundabout, similar in scope to the roundabouts that were created in Iroquois and Long Sault. In addition, there will be asphalt milling, full and partial depth asphalt removal, grading and drainage work, installation of concrete medians at the roundabout, sidewalks, and hot mix asphalt paving.

The road work is expected to be largely completed by Oct. 29. 2021.  Final landscaping work and clean-up is likely to take place in spring 2022.

Traffic will continue in and around the work site; however motorists can expect lane reductions and slow downs. On weekends, and by end of day each day, two-lane traffic will be restored.  Traffic will be able to access all businesses.

Counties staff have been in touch with business and property owners affected by the construction to advise of the scope of work and timelines. This will continue throughout the project as updates become available.

Based on the current cost apportioning, SDG is responsible for approximately 84 per cent of the project costs and South Dundas is responsible for 16 per cent of project costs. Generally, South Dundas is responsible for all costs associated with pedestrian facilities, half of the cost of the landscaping elements and centre roundabout features, the incremental costs associated with the decorative light fixtures and all costs for the lighting/electrical elements solely benefitting the pedestrian facilities.