FEEDBACK SOUGHT: Draft signage bylaw

THE COUNTIES, Ontario - The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry is in the midst of approving changes to its signage bylaw. 

Part of the process involves soliciting feedback from the public. Staff are proposing modifications to the existing signage bylaw in order to strengthen some of the provisions and address some minor issues.  

A summary of some of the modifications are as follows:  

  • Some sections and text have been reorganized to improve the readability and interpretation of the by-law 

  • Definitions have been added and/or modified 

  • Clarified that signs that encroach in the right of way require an encroachment permit  

  • Strengthened the provisions regarding the operation of digital signs 

  • Noted that permit fees are exempt when signs are being re-faced or undergoing minor repairs. 

To provide feedback please email

Feedback is welcomed until June 16, 2021.  General feedback received from the community will be shared with County Council (personal information will remain confidential). 

DRAFT Signage Bylaw (PDF)