Information for Defendants

Ticket look-up:

Click here to visit the Ministry of the Attorney General ticket look-up page. You will need your ticket number to complete the process.

Your Three Ticket Options

Option 1: Plea of Guilty - Voluntary Payment of Total Payable

Visit the Fine Payment Options page

Option 2: Plea of Guilty – Submissions as to Penalty

Select this option if you want to appear before a Justice of the Peace to plead guilty but request amount payable be reduced or extension of time to pay.  Please understand that a Justice of the Peace cannot reduce a charge (e.g. speeding 120 kilometres cannot be reduced to 115 kilometres).  They also cannot reduce or remove demerit points.

A Justice of the Peace is available for this option from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Fridays at:

Ontario Court of Justice
29 Second Street West
Cornwall, Ontario  K6J 1G3

Option 3: Request for Trial

Select this option if you want to plead not guilty to the charge.  Complete the required information on the reverse of the ticket under Option 3 and if applicable complete the “Change to Your Address”. Please include your email address. File your ticket with our office either by mail or in person.  You are not required to file your request for trial in person.  Should you mail your request for trial, you assume the consequences if, for any reason, your request is not received in our office within the prescribed time.

PLEASE NOTE:  All individuals requesting Option 3 will first be given an Early Resolution date to speak with a prosecutor. It is important that you take part in this meeting this for case-management purposes, ie. determining number of witnesses, length of trial, discussing disclosure issues, discussing demerit points and fine consequences.  The prosecutor will review the ticket and evidence and may determine the matter should be withdrawn or an offer may be made to resolve the matter which may result in you not having to go to trial.

* Please note Court Interpreters are available if required.  Please fill out language required under option 3.

Other Information