Media Release - SDG Community Maps Now Available to the Public

SDG Community Maps Now Available to the Public 

For Immediate Release 

October 31, 2018 

The Counties, Ontario – SDG is excited to announce the launch of our online interactive mapping tool, Community Maps! Community Maps, found on under eServices, County Maps, is an application that is available in both desktop and mobile formats.  Community Maps provides a range of helpful information about local communities; from parks and recreation to water and sewer infrastructure.  

Residents can now use Community Maps to find points of interest including libraries, schools, cemeteries, community centres, and parks. Creating and printing maps, measuring distances and finding out more about property specifics is now only a few clicks away. 

Community Maps is only the first of a series of online mapping tools that will be publicly available. Stay tuned as added features, data and maps are enhanced, developed and refined on a regular, ongoing basis. 

Quick Facts 

•    Community Maps is the first SDG public portal for municipal information.
•    You can use Community Maps to view property lines, search addresses, and make maps that include important             physical and cultural features.
•    You can also search for community points of interest and park and recreation features within a given distance or view the location of water and sewer infrastructure.

“SDG Community Maps is a great tool for community members and residents. It helps local municipalities promote parks, trails, and important recreation features. It provides valuable information and tools for people preparing planning and development applications. Overall, this self-serve portal provides easy access to valuable information and tools at no charge to the public.” 

- Alison McDonald, Manager of Planning, SDG


What does the Counties do for you?  SDG provides library services, regional economic development and tourism services, court services, land use planning, and vital transportation infrastructure – including the largest county road network in Ontario.  SDG administers county-wide policing.  SDG collaborates with community partners in providing emergency services, child care, public health, long-term care, and social assistance. 

SDG GIS Department,