North Dundas

The Eastern Gateway

Located in the heart of Eastern Ontario, North Dundas has a diversified rural economy and prides itself on having some of Eastern Ontario’s finest agricultural land. Major centres include Winchester, a full service community, and the scenic village of Chesterville.

Good for Business

Businesses benefit from North Dundas’ sophisticated distribution, labour, and communications infrastructures, its low cost environment, and proximity to Ottawa, one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.

Highway 31 connects North Dundas to downtown Ottawa. Highways 401 and 417 are only a short drive away.

Major employers in the region include MB Foster and AssociatesHendrick SeedsGuildcrest and Natunola Health.

Good for You

North Dundas is a vibrant rural community. Churches, service clubs and recreational facilities abound. A historical society and an amateur theatre group round out the offering. Schools offer education in both French and English.

Winchester is the proud home to the Winchester District Memorial Hospital, a major Eastern Ontario care provider. Long-term health care is available in Winchester, as is the full range of doctors, dentists, chiropractors and other health care practitioners

Residents and visitors quickly come to appreciate the rural setting of the Township and savour the close friendly atmosphere that attracts individuals to reside and raise their families in North Dundas.

North Dundas. Come visit for a day, a weekend, a lifetime...