Boards & Committees

Service Manager Joint Liaison Committee (County & City of Cornwall)

The Service Manager Joint Liaison Committee (SMJLC) was established in 1999  with the City of Cornwall. It provides oversight of five regional services provided by either the County or the City, including: land ambulance (City); court services (County); GlenStorDun Lodge (City); social housing (City); and social services (City). Four representatives of County Council serve on the SMJLC.

Warden Ian McLeod
Councillor Eric Duncan
Councillor Jim Bancroft
Councillor Jamie MacDonald 

SDG County Library Board

The County provides a regional library network consisting of 18 community branches, and operates externally from County Council through an appointed Library Board. The Library Board consists of three community members and four County Councillors. Library Board members are appointed by County Council for a four-year term.

Jim Bancroft

Councillor Evonne Delegarde, Chair
Barbara Lehtiniemi, Vice Chair
Councillor Bill McGimpsey
Councillor Frank Prevost
Victoria Middleton

Raisin-South Nation Source Water

The Raisin-South Nation Source Water Protection Committee is made up of 15 members plus a Chair.  The 15 member Committee represents the interests of the local municipalities, agricultural sector, commercial and industrial sectors, and the general public. There are additional (non-voting) liaisons representing the Source Protection Authority, the Ministry of the Environment, and the local Health Unit. County Council has one representative.

Councillor Chris McDonell

Police Services Board

The Police Services Board provides high-level oversight of the SDG OPP Detachment. This Board consists of five members: the Head of County Council or his/her designate; one member of County Council; one layperson appointed by County Council; and two persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (Ontario).

Councillor Dennis Fife, Chair
Kirsten Gardner, Vice-Chair
Councillor Chris McDonell
John Hope
Bryan McEwan

Board of Health

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) promotes and protects health and wellness by preventing diseases and injuries, and by advocating for a safe and healthy environment. EOHU is funded in part by SDG, the City of Cornwall, and the United Counties of Prescott Russell. Two representatives of County Council serve on the EOHU Board of Health.

Warden Ian McLeod
Councillor Gerry Boyce

Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge

Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge serves as SDG's Home for the Aged.  The facility is owned/operated by the City of Cornwall, with SDG residents accommodated under agreement between the County and the City.  Two representatives of County Council serve on the Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge Board.

Councillor Dennis Fife
Councillor Frank Prevost

St. Lawrence River Institute

The Board of Directors of the St. Lawrence River Institute are comprised of members of the local community as well as representatives of various founding partner agencies, like the City of Cornwall, the United Counties of SDG and the Mohawks of Akwesasne.  One representative of County Council serves on the St. Lawrence River Institute Board of Directors.

Councillor Jamie MacDonald 

Cornwall & Area Housing

The Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation provides geared-to-income housing for low income individuals, families and seniors. Two representatives of County Council serve on the Cornwall and Area Housing Board.

Councillor Jim Locke
Councillor Tammy Hart

Accessibility Commitee

The Accessibility Committee is an advisory body that works with County staff to develop and review policies to ensure that the services provided by SDG are accessible and in compliance with applicable legislation/regulation.  The members of the Accessibility Committee are:

Al Lummiss

Dan Edwards
Roderick Tyo
Ian MacDonald
Cheryl Irven
Stephen Middleton