Subdivision and Condominium Applications

The creation of a number of lots requires approval of a plan of subdivision under the Planning Act.

SDG reviews applications for a plan of subdivision against the policies of the Official Plan and planning issues including: design of lots and roads; sewer and water services (piped or private); service by utilities; drainage and storm water management; preservation and protection of natural features and hazard lands; and requirements for County and municipal roads.

The draft plan of subdivision will be circulated to agencies including the local Municipality,School Board, Conservation Authority, utility companies, and County Engineer (properties on a County Road). The draft plan may be approved with conditions that must be met before the subdivision is registered. The draft approval conditions normally require the applicant to enter into a subdivision agreement with the local municipality. The applicant must consult with the both the County and local municipality during this process.

Pre-consultation with the County and local Municipality.

Applicants must contact the local municipality to set up a pre-consultation meeting. Pre-consultation has benefits for both the municipality and the applicant. Pre-consultation allows the applicant to explain the proposal and obtain preliminary comments from the commenting agencies. For the Municipality, early consultation is an opportunity to inform the applicant of any plans and studies required to support the application and describe the approval process. 

Contacts for local municipalities are located in the 'Contacts' section of this website.

Your Checklist

This checklist can be used by applicants preparing to submit an application to subdivide land. County staff can assist you with this process. (Please note that the checklist is an outline of information required to submit as part or in addition to the subdivision application)


  • a boundary survey certified by the Ontario Land Surveyor
  • a Hydro-geological Study and Terrain Analysis for development on private services
  • a Legal Description of the land that is the subject of the application
  • purpose of the application and the identification of any other development applications required to advance the proposed development (i.e. Official Plan Amendment(s), and Zoning By-law Amendment(s))
  • whether the plan of subdivision considers watershed planning, master drainage / sub-drainage or shoreline management practices
  • if there now or ever has been contamination by former uses on the site or adjacent sites
  • potential impacts to adjacent land uses and natural and manmade features (i.e. roads, water courses, wood-lots, existing structures, wetlands, etc.)
  • regard to the Provincial Policy Statement
  • the number of proposed lots, blocks and easements with corresponding areas any other additional information prudent to the evaluation of the development proposal
  • if the development would be phased and registered as such
  • all information relating to any previous investigations, studies or previous development proposals for the subject site
  • previous consultation with the municipality

Application Forms