Moving Permit Applications

Moving Permit Applications 

See below for a detailed description of each type.
Single Move Form
Annual Move Form
Seasonal Move Form
Route Restricted Project Move Form

Moving Permit Applications

Please be sure to include required insurance information.  Application forms with the required insurance information can be emailed to

Single Move Permit Application (Single Move Form)

Required when performing one move only within a short time frame (up to 3 days)

·         $70.00 (with 48 business hours notice)

·         $100.00 (without 48 business hours notice)

Annual Moving Permit Application (Annual Move Form)

Recommended when frequently moving over-dimensional loads in SDG.  This permit is limited to certain dimensions and weights (listed on application) and is valid for one calendar year. 

·         $280.00 for first tractor plus $30.00 for each additional tractor.

Seasonal Moving Permit Application (Seasonal Move Form)

Allows greater than permitted axle weights for essential agricultural related moves during half-load season (~March 1-May 15).

·         $280.00 plus $30.00 for each additional combination unit.

Route Restricted Moving Permit Application (Route Restricted Project Move Form)

Recommended when completing multiple moves along the same route with dimensions and weights greater than what is allowed in an annual permit.  This permit is only valid for a 3 month period.

·         $280.00 plus $30.00 for each additional combination unit.