Council Newsletter

October Council Newsletter

Council Elects Warden for 2016


Upon motion of Councillor Fife, seconded by Councillor McDonell, Jamie MacDonald was elected Warden of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry for 2016. Councillor MacDonald will be sworn into office on Friday, December 18th at 11:30 a.m.

Council approves Compensation Review

Council accepted the proposal from The Osborne Group to complete a non-union compensation review, at a cost of $28,700 plus HST.


By-law No. 5026—to adopt Policy No. 1-27, a Collection and Write-off Policy.
By-law No. 5027—to adopt, confirm and ratify.

Key Information

Engineer deHaan provided key information on proposed terms and conditions for waterfront license agreements, 2016 budget, Alexandria truck route signage, County Forests and Pedestrian Crosswalk Standards.
Librarian Franklin provided Council with information on recent activities at the SDG County Library.

County Strategic Priorities

  • Preserve enhance historical , cultural, tourism & recreational features to mainatin quality of life
  • Plan for economic developments
  • Inventory of intrastructure
  • Greater local government coordination in delivery of services

Upcoming Events

  • Warden’s Banquet - Nov. 13, 2015 
  • Warden's Inauguration  - Dec. 18, 2015
  • Council Meeting -Nov. 16, 2015

United Counties of SDG

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P: 613.932.1515
F: 613.936.2913

If interested, a complete copy of any of the reports condensed within this newsletter are available upon request.

Helen Thomson,
Municipal Clerk
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