Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief  Administrative Officer (CAO) is the most senior staff person in the County, charged with exercising general control and management of the affairs of the municipality, and ensuring that County operations are carried out efficiently and effectively. Reporting to Council and the Warden, the CAO draws upon the expertise of staff through a Management Team comprised of five Department Directors.  Acting as the main resource to Council, the CAO must keep current with existing and proposed legislation/regulation, sector best practices, etc. in order to provide the best possible advice to County Council. The CAO works closely with the Warden, typically attending meetings with senior government officials and ensuring the Warden is provided with all pertinent data to ensure a well-informed Council decision.

Tim Simpson profile picture  Tim Simpson, CAO

  Since June 2011, Tim Simpson has been the Chief Administrative Officer of the United  
  Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.  Prior to that, he held similar positions in      
   local municipalities in the County of Lanark and also spent 13 years working in      
   administrative and land use planning positions for the Town of Renfrew.  He has 25 years
   of municipal experience in the areas of municipal administration and land use planning.

Tim holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario, a Master's  degree in Public Administration from Queen’s University, and is a Certified Municipal Officer (CMO).  Besides the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario, he is also a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners, the Ontario Professional Planners Institute, and the Ontario Municipal Administrators Association.

Tim is also actively involved in a variety of SDG community non-profit and sports organizations.